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The Windiest Corner of the World

A new musical by Jon Marans and Alastair William King takes place in a walk-up tenement apartment building in Hell’s Kitchen. This corner building’s one of the windiest corners of Manhattan not because of the curvature of the buildings around it but because of the inner turmoil that exists with all of the people living there. And that turmoil is only compounded when Matthew returns home to his old apartment in the opening song. Matthew is a much too charming, 20-something who is also an ex-drug addict just out of rehab. He was supposed to marry Natalia about a year ago but left her at the altar.

Now Natalia is about to marry Larry in seven days. But Natalia has doubts about Larry-- senses that he is no longer the man she fell in love with. He seems to have no passion for his life. In the midst of all the above plot, Felizbela -- who also lives in the building -- is the landlord’s mistress and Natalia’s mom. Jascha (the landlord) lost his wife a year ago and now realizes he wants to marry his true love, Felizbela IF she will have him. In this “Moonstruck-like” musical comedy, everyone is slightly adrift on this windiest corner of the world.

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